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Why Residents Love Hillside Commons

Hillside Commons offers luxury off-campus student apartments in Oneonta. They have amenities that are great for studying or socializing, perfect for any student’s life. Their spacious apartments are fully furnished and include a washer and dryer, making life more convenient for any student living there. I had the pleasure of interviewing six students who told me some of their favorite things about Hillside Commons!

The Location, Apartments, Staff and Amenities

"My favorite part about Hillside is how close it is to campus! I can walk down the hill on a nice day which is great. But if you're ever feeling lazy and don't want to go down to the library, you can go to the study rooms to do homework. I also love the fact that we have our own gym. It's really convenient and I don't have an excuse not to go."

- Sarah Walker, second-year resident

"My top two favorite things about Hillside are the luxurious apartments and building overall, and the convenience of being so close to campus while still being considered off-campus living."

- Alyssa Spiconardi, first-year resident

"I would have to say my favorite thing about living in Hillside is the first floor lounge. There's a pool table, ping-pong table, and a movie theatre which we use the most!"

- Meghan Soldani, first-year resident

"I love the gym in Hillside because there's a ton of equipment to chose from and there's a yoga room too! It's open 24-hours so I can go whenever I want. I also just like my apartment because all ultilities are included (love the heat and AC), and I get my own bathroom. The staff is great here because they work so hard to make everything clean and seamless - especially the maintenance staff."

- Cassie Swart, second-year resident

"I like that we have the convenience of having our own bedroom and bathroom without having to be secluded from other students. I like that the employees actually care that we're satisfied and do what they can to solve our problems quickly. I also like that they give us free pizza all the time." (I would like that, too!)

- Anna Hershey, first-year resident

"Being able to have my own bedroom and having 24/7 gym access is awesome!"

- Rachel O'Sullivan, second-year resident

"My favorite thing about Hillside is the gym! I like how it has it's own separate room for stretching or doing different kinds of work outs. I like how clean Hillside keeps it and that the TVs are always playing different shows to keep my work outs entertaining."

Ally Melendez, second-year resident 

Stay tuned for our virtual tour of Hillside Commons coming soon!

Hey everyone! My name is Callan Fridgen, and I'm a junior at Oneonta State studying Communications with a minor in Public Relations. Find me on Instagram @callanfridgen 
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