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Why Every College Girl Can Relate to Sex & the City

I recently started watching “Sex and the City”, an HBO show which aired in 1998. A sex columnist, Carrie Bradshaw, and her three friends (Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda) explore Manhattan’s dating scene, chronicling the mating habits of single New Yorkers. 

More times than not I find that even though I’m not 30 and living on the Upper East Side, I or a friend have complained about having the same problems that get discussed on the show.

When your life is just not where you imagined it would by this point:

Everyone around you seems to be getting into relationships and you’re wondering what everyone else has that you don’t:

Getting three hours of sleep because you were cramming for an exam and when you look in the mirror you feel bad for the people who have to actually look at you that day:

They say going to the gym & exercising clears your head. I say it makes way for the useless gossip that we thrive on in our down time:

When you think that the outfit you picked out was really cute…& then your roommate sees it:

When you’re not in a relationship, but the amount of problems you have with your friends makes you thankful that you’re not:

After a long day:

We really thought we were going to have a great time and every little thing just didn’t work out:

When you are in pajamas, makeup off, hair in a bun all before 11:00 on a Friday night…& you’re having a great time with no regrets:

We all have that group of people who are our rocks:

They stand by us through thick & thin. Our friends are our biggest supporters & harshest critics (because they know we can do better). They are our shoulders to cry on, the first ones we tell good news to, & the people we share our biggest & best laughs with. They help me be the best version of me I can be & I’m lucky to have my extraordinary ladies (& men) by my side every day.



My name is Elizabeth Berkowitz, I am currently a junior here at Oneonta. I'm a double major in Commuincations Studies and Art with a concentration in Photography. When I'm not in Oneonta you can find me at home on Long Island, at the beach in Rockaway or with my dog.
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