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Who Knew Volunteering Abroad Could Be This Cheap?!

Have you ever wanted to volunteer abroad? I bet you’ve considered, but then the money factor hit, and suddenly you found yourself drowning in your own tears. No fear, I’ve discovered a trustworthy, cheap, and well-known volunteer organization. International Volunteer HQ, better known as IVHQ is an affordable, popular, volunteer service for people of all ages looking to work abroad.


While IVHQ offers countless opportunities, I’ve narrowed down the features I find to be best. This includes destinations, duration, fees and projects.


You have a choice up to 35 locations to choose from—ranging from countries in South America, Europe, Africa, as well as Asia. It almost makes it impossible to choose.


Photo Credit: IVHQ

Now I bet you’re wondering how an awesome organization like this is so cheap! It just so happens this company has partnerships with the locations they work with. These villages or cities provide housing for volunteers in exchange for their hard work, time, and devotion. In addition, some locations are cheaper than others. For instance, countries of a lower standard of living and economic status tend to be cheaper than those of a higher position in the economy. A two-week service trip can cost as little as 360$. Although airfare is not included, the initial program cost and the overall experience almost outweighs this. Lastly, IVHQ will occasionally have scholarship opportunities that can help fund your time abroad.


Photo Credit: IVHQ


Another awesome thing about IVHQ is the duration you’re looking to volunteer for. Want to go abroad but not for a semester? No worries, with IVHQ you can volunteer for weeks ranging from 1-25. It’s perfect for college students who wish to travel in between semesters. Not to mention, you won’t be breaking the bank either.


Lastly, the projects offered are amazing itself. You can choose projects such as childcare, medical, renovation, human rights, etc. Whether you want to participate in a project geared towards your interest, or simply helping for the greater good, you will help make a difference either way!


Volunteering abroad is an amazing experience that you should definitely consider! Be sure to check out IVHQ and what it has to offer! 

My name is Taryn DiRocco, and I'm a sophomore at SUNY Oneonta. I'm currently studying Communications with a minor in Public Relations. I'm from Smithtown, Long Island, and I enjoy pizza, the beach, Grey's Anatomy, and traveling. 
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