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Ways to Make your Dorm Feel More “Homey”


The first few weeks of college are amazing. You get to see old friends, meet new friends, and get a lot of your independence back as you adjust to life away from home. Once all that sinks in, you might find yourself missing home, your bedroom or even your pets! The best way to cure those feelings from college is to make your dorm (or apartment) more home-y and cozy. Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve found to do just that!


Fake Candles:


Since most colleges don’t allow real candles in the dorm rooms (fire hazards) fake candles are just as good! Most are battery powered but will look like an actual candle. Some even come scented too!


A Rug:


Dorm room floors are cold and gross. So buy a cheap but cute rug so you don’t have to wear socks all the time in your own “home”.



Tapestry’s are a great way to make a dorm room more homey because it eliminates an entire white wall with fun colors! You can find real unique and fun patterns that will set the tone of your room.



Having string lights in your room can really make a huge difference in the overall ambiance. It sets the perfect mood to do homework, watch a movie or read a book.



It’s always nice to look at your wall and see pictures of family and friends from back home. So get a bulletin board and start tacking them on OR you can buy close pins and attach them to your string light.


Lots of Blankets:

The more blankets the more cozy the room! It’s true that a blanket can add a lot to a room and not to mention you’re going to need it during the winter months.



Stay As Organized As Possible:

No one likes coming home after a long day of classes to a messy room. I promise if you stay organized and keep your room clean it will be so much better to come home to.


Fake Plants:

Most college kids I know (including myself!) would have trouble keeping a real plant alive so fake plants are a great solution. They will make your room feel more lively and you won’t have to tend to them!



Color Coordinate:

If all of your things including your comforter, pillows, blankets, tapestry and other décor somewhat match it will be very pleasing to the eye and automatically be cozy.



One of the greatest things about gathering décor for your college room is that you can reuse them each year! There are so many creative and cozy ideas out there that will be sure to make your room an overall relaxing and pleasant area.




Jess is from Albany, New York and is currently a sophmore at SUNY Oneonta studying psychology. in her free time she loves to dance, go to concerts, and write! Follow on instagram and twitter (@jess_carlson_)
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