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Wardrobe Pieces that Every Girl Needs to Transition from Winter to Spring

I don’t know about you, but I am always struggling with the transition from Winter to Spring. I never know if I’m going to be hot or cold, and I never know what I should be wearing. Hopefully this article will help you with that struggle!

1. Slip on sneakers

Nothing is worse than an awkward temperature and trying to figure out if the weather calls for a pair of boots or sandals. The best solution would be a pair of slip on sneakers from Vans or Steve Madden, or even a trusty pair of Converse.

2. Layering pieces

A zip-up hoodie, cardigan, or puffer vest are staple pieces that very girl needs in their wardrobe. You always want to make sure that you dress for the outside weather, but can de-layer when you’re sitting in a hot lecture hall.

3. Thin long sleeve shirts

It can still be pretty chilly in March and early April, so keeping your arms covered is probably a good idea. Instead of chunky sweaters, opt for a lightweight long sleeve shirt or a thin blouse that you can throw under a denim jacket.

4. Baseball hat

Unfortunately, bad hair days are inevitable. In the middle of Winter it’s easy to cover your messy head with a Love Your Melon knit beanie and call it a day, but when the weather gets a bit warmer you might feel a bit uncomfortable with a thick hat on your head. Switch your beanies with baseball hats. Etsy has a million customizable options, or go for your old New York Yankees hat that’s been sitting around.

5. Joggers

For those of you who roll out of bed 10 minutes before class and like to throw on a comfy outfit, invest in a pair of joggers. They’re stylish but super comfortable. Aerie never disappoints me with their selection of cute sweats.

These five wardrobe pieces help me immensely during this transition. Hopefully we can make it through together!

HCXO, Lindsey

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