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The Top 5 Ways to Be Productive For Someone Who Is Easily Distracted

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oneonta chapter.

Sitting down and doing hours of homework is hard for anyone, yet if you’re anything like me than it’s even harder when every little thing draws your attention. Here are 5 things that have helped me keep focused and be productive when I know due dates are approaching ( and I have procrastinated to the end of time).


1. Keep your phone on do not disturb and out of sight

It is always hard to pay attention but when you have your phone lighting up with notifications from group chats, Snapchat and Instagram notifications. It makes it that much harder to get work done productively.

2. Make a playlist before hand

If you’re a person who likes to listen to music while getting work done like me, then make sure you have a playlist made before you sit down. Making a playlist will keep you focused and you won’t need to constantly stop and find a new song to listen to.

3. Make a list of what you need to get done

Making a list of what you need to get done is a good way to stay on target and not get overwhelmed. Walking into a study session without having a clear-cut idea of what needs to get done can cause a feeling of craziness, because you won’t know where to start. I recommend ranking the list from which due dates are the most upcoming.

4. Bring a snack

Studying involves a lot of energy and having a healthy snack in your bag is always something good to have. After studying for hours, you’re most likely going to start running out of steam and a healthy snack and water will be a good way to get some more energy and get back on track.

5. Electronic necessities

Make sure you have everything you need to keep your laptop working for the whole time you plan on using it. Going to the library and realizing that your laptop will die in an hour isn’t necessarily the best plan. Double check your bag for all charges before heading out the door and getting ready to study.

I hope these tips help you,  because they have helped me get on track. It’s now time to power through this last week and then enjoy this much deserved upcoming spring break.  



My name is Michelle Lapidus, I am 18 years old and I am a freshman at SUNY Oneonta. Currently, I am a double major in biology and political science and trying to figure out if medical or law school is the way I want to go. I am originally from Brooklyn but grew up on Long Island, New York. Outside of school I have always had a passion for photography, writing, travel, and just watching Netflix and saying in bed.
Shea Murphy

Oneonta '19

Shea is one of the Campus Correspondents for the HC Oneonta Chapter! Shea is a senior studying Biochemistry at Oneonta. She is a self-proclaimed photographer and loves spending time with her friends and family. When she's not in the lab or studying you can find her outside staying active and enjoying nature!