Top 5 College Dorm Essentials

1)White board calendar 

Having a calendar that you can hang on the wall and continue to add things and plan our month while also being able to move things around without crossing things off is the most effective way of making sure you get everything done. 

2) Mattress Pad 

This really does the job of taking your bed from an uncomfortable college mattress to one that you can’t wait to get back to at the end of a long day. 

3)Command Strips  

Definitely a must in any dorm room. Whether you are hanging up pictures, calendars or hooks on the wall, they make the job easy. The best part is that when it’s time for everything to come down, the paint on the wall is still in tack. So that means no damage costs! 


Storage bins are a key part of organizing all your belongings. You will need to find the perfect combination of drawers and bins that work for what you need. Once you do, your life will become so much easier and finding what you need will be a breeze. 

5)And last but not least, pictures and decorations 

These may not seem like a necessity, but they are definitely an essential part of every dorm room.  Having pictures of your family and friends around makes the place feel more like a home and somewhere where you will feel comfortable spending most of your time.