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The Top 3 Crystals to Help Open & Heal Your Heart Around Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oneonta chapter.

Rose quartz is a crystal that is said to be a stone of the heart. Possessing such a stone is said to promote all types of love. Whether this love be with a significant other, yourself, or a member of your family. Rose quartz can help with ailments of the circulatory system and alleviate issues such as asthma and vertigo. This stone also aides in eliminating negative emotions and allowing your heart to become open to new possibilities.

The moonstone is said to be connected to the moon and is in fact most effective when the moon can be seen. The stone is said to show and teach the natural rhythm of life. This is a crystal that promotes peace between partners. Additionally, the moonstone is revered for both its calming and protective qualities. The moonstone also encourages those in a relationship to take healthy steps, and can ultimately improve their relationship for the better.

Rhodonite crystals are regarded as a rescue stone. These stones aide in healing those with a broken heart. This stone further encourages acceptance and forgiveness during windows of healing. Rhodonite also possesses the ability to open your heart to new love and possibilities after the toxic emotions are taken away. Having a rhodonite stone can even help you to feel calm, while also aiding in the release any fear, stress, or anxiety that you are experiencing.



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