The Top 10 Restaurants on Long Island That'll Make Your Stomach and Instagram Happy

All college students look forward to school breaks. It's a break from your roommates, a chance to shower without shoes and a well needed break from Sodexo. These 10 establishments will have you in a food coma as well as an Instagram and VSCO that'll be envied in aesthetic.

1. My Hero

Chicken club is all you have to say and people’s mouths water all around Bellmore. As soon as I get off the parkway coming home from Oneonta, this is where I’m headed. A reasonably priced warm sandwich from heaven, at $8 always lasts me two meals. You know a college break has started when those snap stories of the chicken club sitting in a white wrapper start popping up. The super small building looks deceiving from the outside, but every Saturday at lunch time you can count on a line out the door and down the stairs. Cash only.

2. The Witches Brew

Located in West Hempstead, this place lives up to its name with spooky décor in a centuries old house. They are most known for their frozen hot chocolate. Their hours of operation are unique, they are open from 12 pm to 1 am for when you have that late-night craving. They also offer a large selection in vegan and non-vegan desserts.

3. Morning Rose Cafe

This café nestled in the heart of Bellmore serves you the most Instagramable food porn on a white aesthetically pleasing platter with powdered sugar. The café is a popular Sunday brunch spot, serving breakfast all day.  

4. Diner the by Sea

Small diner, big shake. This small diner in Long Beach has good food, even better fries and astonishingly unique milkshakes. They add food coloring in the glass to make the milkshake unicornified while also adding trinkets like plastic rings, sunglasses and magic wands to the whip cream. The flavors are just as unique as the colors in your cup. They include: Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, black and white, banana, peanut butter, Oreo, cotton candy, Nutella, fluffer nutter, cup o joe, cap n crunch, cake batter, brownie batter, strawberry shortcake, Twinkie, milk and cookie (made with chips a hoy), cinnamon and extras that they add per season.

5. All American Burger

If you’ve never been to all American are you really from Long Island? Located in Massapequa on Merrick Road, it's a burger joint pulled right out of your favorite 1950's movie. It's an  Old-school fast-food joint handing out burgers, fries & shakes in a counter-service setup.

6. Burgerology

New to Rockville Centre is Burgerology. They serve creative burgers, over-the-top shakes & craft beers all in a funky warehouse setting. They have so many options, but I personally recommend the Mac and Cheese burger. It was everything you could want and more. Their milkshakes were also spectacular with choices like Rainbow Cookie, Campfire, Green Gravity which is a thin mint styled shake, Surprise Party, Cookie Doughnut and Crazy Monkey (which is a peanut butter and Nutella mixed shake).  

7. Dough Me a Flavor

Located in Wantagh on Railroad Avenue next to the train station, this shop offers unique pre-made doughnut creations in  flavors such as Milk and Cookies, French Toast, Coffee Crumb and Maple Bacon. The "create your own" is a popular option. Customers are given a choice between a traditional style or cake-style doughnut. The next step is a slathering of vanilla, chocolate or glazed syrup across the top. Then finishing off the creation with a choice of three toppings. Toppings include: Oreos bits, Fruity Pebbles, M&M’s, Reeses Pieces, and candy pieces.

8. The Cheesecake Spot

These gourmet cheesecakes come in mini and regular size. There is now a kiosk in Roosevelt Field mall outside of J.C. Penny's. There are 17 variations of cheesecakes including cookies and cream, sweet potato swirl and strawberry swirl which are all bite sized and yummy.

9. Brownstones

This café style restaurant located in West Islip, is the perfect spot for Sunday brunches with the gals. Brownstones' gets it's name from the iconic, beautiful buildings that line the streets of Brooklyn and New York City. Their signature item are the French Toast bites which photograph for Instagram as good as they taste.

10. Ben and Jerry's

You don't have to travel all the way to Vermont, there is a Ben and Jerry's located right in your own backyard. The shop is along Main Street in Huntington by Hecksher Park. They serve pints, sundaes, smoothies and shakes in their iconic flavors. They have dairy-free, frozen yogurt, and sorbet options along-side 29 of their regular favorites.

I know I'll be hitting up some of these delicious places over break with an empty stomach and lots of storage on iCloud.  I’ll leave with a happy, full stomach and new pictures for my VSCO.