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Tips to Prepare for your Exam

Here are some helpful tips to follow when preparing to take an exam!

Organize your Notes

By going through your notes and highlighting them it makes it easier to find what you need while studying!

Make a Study Guide

Study guides are a great tool to get all the information that you need in one place! By doing this it makes it easier to read through and separate what you know and what you need to go over more.

Study with Classmates!

Studying in groups after some independent study time is always a good idea. This gives you the chance to ask any questions that you had when going over the materials and a chance for you to test your knowledge before the exam. 

Be Well Rested

This may not seem like it would have any impact on your test performance but it definetly does! Getting a full night of sleep before an exam is important because it is more challenging to remember information when you are tired.

Last but not least: Don’t Cram!!

Cramming for an exam is probably the worst thing you can do to prepare for an exam. When cramming you may remember the information while you are going over it but when it is time to take the test it will be challenging to recall all of the information.

Exams could be very overwhelming at times but if you follow these steps some of the stress will be lifted off your shoulder!

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