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SUNY Oneonta Senior Year Bucket List


As a new semester starts, seniors are reminded that they have a limited time left at SUNY Oneonta. If you’re like me and made the decision to graduate early, this is your last semester to fit in everything Oneonta has to offer before you graduate!

Here is a final semester bucket list of all the things you need to do before you walk across that stage and peace out of Oneonta for good: 

Go To Every Iconic Oneonta Restaurant: 

I’m talking about Brooks for their unforgettable Pulled Pork and Salad Bar, Yellow Deli for their famous “Long Island Rancher” along with their interesting atmosphere, Undercover Eggplant for the to die for sandwiches, and of course Tino’s and Sal’s because we would not have been able to survive college without them.


Hike Table Rock:

One thing is for sure, the view from Table Rock is beautiful all year round, but it’s even better in the fall when all the leaves have changed! If you’re looking for a fun way to get some exercise in or need a break from studying, checking out this view is a must!

Eat At One Of The Dining Halls On Campus:

At this point, most seniors have moved off campus and have been cooking their own food for the last year. However, how could anyone ever forget the amazing wraps and quesadillas from Mills Dining Hall or Donna’s creations from My Kitchen?! Make it a point to eat at the dining hall one last time before graduating because you’ll never experience that ever again! 

Have A “Family Dinner”With Your Roommates:

Once you graduate you may not have the chance to live with your closest friends and hang out 24/7. Pick one night to cook a big meal and feast! After that you can all go into a food coma on your couch and watch The Bachelor. It’s a win-win!

Do A Challenge At The Jug :

Turning 21 is a right of passage to go to the Jug and complete a challenge. You only have 4 months to wear your Red Jug t-shirt on campus so you better make the most of it! 

Go To A Movie At The Hunt Union :

I’ve seen awesome movies at Hunt that I never would’ve seen if they hadn’t been playing on campus. It’s awesome to go with your friends, grab some popcorn, and see a free movie. Honestly, when will you ever be able to see a free movie again in theaters?! 

It’s hard to believe that college will ever come to an end, but take my advice and complete everything on this list so you have no regrets! Enjoy your last semester or year and make it your best memories of your life!







Jen is a Business Econ major with a Business Comm minor at Suny Oneonta!
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