Struggles Only Older Siblings Understand

Growing up as the older sibling did have its advantages...but we’re here to talk about the struggles.

1. Being blamed for everything.

We came to know our younger siblings as evil geniuses, since they would use their young, cute, and oblivious cover to get out of any trouble with our parents. At a certain point, we learned to just accept that our argument would never beat their squeaky voice. This is probably why we grew up with a better sense of responsibility (wink wink).


2. Having to go through new processes for the first time.

As the oldest sibling, we had to go through all the hard-first-time experiences with our parents. We watched our parents struggle with figuring out how to manage sports, what rules to enforce in the house, and eventually, the scary process of choosing a college. We were basically the trial-and-error child, so our parents could see what will work best for the other kids. By the time our younger siblings went through the same things, it was painless, and our parents were experts.


3. Having way harsher punishments than our younger siblings growing up.

Growing up, since we were the guinea pig child, we took all the groundings and punishments so that the younger ones wouldn't have to. By the time our younger siblings started to get into trouble, our parents were used to it and gave them lighter sentences.


4. Always thinking the younger siblings are more spoiled.

As we got older and our siblings stayed looking younger, we believed that they were blessed with looking perpetually cute and therefore would get anything that they wanted. When they got candy, we demanded candy. When they got better holiday presents, we watched with envy.


5. Being forced to include your younger siblings in everything.

We can all remember times when we had friends over and our parents forced us to let our younger siblings play with us. It totally killed our cool vibe that we tried to show off to our friends. Even when we did include them, though, we made a point to be sassy to them because we had no regrets.


As older siblings, we have to stand strong together in remembrance of what we all went through.