Some Things I've Learned Over the Past Two Years at Oneonta

Last week I got a friendly Timehop reminder that two years ago I committed to go to Oneonta. As my sophomore year comes to an end, I can't help but think how fast two years has flown by. I watch the tour groups of high school juniors and seniors walk through campus every day and it doesn't seem so long ago that it was me taking those tours.

College changes you. For some people it’s for worse. For some, like me, it's for the better. I have seen growth in myself over the past two years that I never expected to see. I'm not as shy as I used to be, I took on leadership positions, I joined the  eboards of multiple clubs, and I have made life long friends.

College has taught me many lessons and here are some:

1. Having to make friends for the first time since kindergarten.

2. Experiencing all the great holidays like Halloweekend, Santa Con and St. Oney's Day and living to tell the tale.

3. Keeping that GPA up every semester despite some close calls.

4. Living with a roommate

5. Living with upstairs neighbors.

6. Taking some cool elective classes. (If you need an elective, there are some cool ones to take like: Women's self-defense, American Sign Language, Ancient Greek, film photography, computer art, 3D design, ceramics, public speaking; which is useful to every major).

7. Applying for internships

8. Joining clubs like Her Campus and Knit Wits and took on leadership positions by being a part of the eboard.

9. Over the past two years I have become someone who is growing into an adult and becoming more independent.

10. Don’t talk about how I'm halfway done with college