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Sister And Bestfriend, Margaret Sanderson

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oneonta chapter.

With a warm heart, I am excited to introduce this week’s Campus Cutie, my best friend, Margaret Sanderson. Beautiful, smart, and funny are just some characteristics that touch the surface of who Margaret is. Not only am I grateful to know someone as caring and loving as she is, but I’m also grateful that I am able to call her my big sister! We may fight and irritate each other at times, but no other bond could ever compare to ours. She is the one I care for with every ounce in my heart, and who makes me want to be a better person. If you don’t believe she could be that great, don’t be fooled; continue reading about the amazing, Margaret Sanderson.

Meet the Gal

Name: Margaret J. Sanderson

Major: Child and Family Studies

Year: Senior

Hometown: Schaghticoke, NY

Her Favorites

Music/Artist: Beyoncé (of course)

Food: “Does chocolate milk count?”

TV Show/Movie: Friends

Color: Yellow

Best Friend(s): My two sisters, Chrissy and Katie

Sport: Track and Field

HC: What are some of your favorite hobbies here at SUNY Oneonta?

MS: “My favorite hobby here at SUNY Oneonta is being a member of the Cross Country and Track and Field Teams.  Being on the track team and cross-country team has provided me with all of my favorite college memories, from introducing me to lifelong friends to giving me an opportunity to compete at a collegiate level. Being a member of the St. Jude Giants club has also been a rewarding experience.  If you count watching Netflix marathons with my housemates as a hobby, that’s pretty fab too.”

HC: What running events do you participate in, and which is your favorite?

MS: “During track I mainly do distance events, ranging from the mile to the 5K.”

HC: What is your favorite experience you’ve had here at SUNY Oneonta?

MS: “This winter break I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Disney World with the Track and Field team.  It was such a wonderful adventure and I could never thank my teammates and coaching staff enough for providing me with that experience of a lifetime.  If you think Disney is a dream come true when you’re a child, just imagine how wonderful it must be when you get to go back with all of your best friends.  We spent three days running around the theme parks, laughing uncontrollably, pretending to be princesses, eating anything in the shape of Mickey’s head, and whole heartedly enjoying ourselves.  It was definitely an experience I wont forget.”

HC: How would you describe your experience of having your little sister at the same University as you?

MS: “It’s really been a treat having Katie here these past couple years.  It always makes my day when I’m walking through campus and see her.  Who wouldn’t love having their little sister/ best friend at the same college as them?  Not only do I have someone to sing with in the car on all the rides to and from school, I always have one of my best friends and biggest supporters nearby.  We both do our own things while here, like me out running and Katie being on Her Campus, but we can always count on one another to be there for the other if we ever needed anything.”

HC: What are you going to miss most about Oneonta after you graduate?

MS: “Oh everything.  But especially the little things that happen all the time that you wouldn’t realize are so special until you think about how they will be ending in just a few short months.  I’m going to miss coming home each afternoon after a long day to a house that my best friends live in; I’m going to miss always having someone to run with; and I’m going to miss all of the spur of the moment dinners and Dunkin Donuts trips with friends. This list could go on forever.  The friends that I have grown close to these past few years have made Oneonta a home to me and I’m going to miss them and this place an unbelievable amount. Having said that, I’m thankful to leave Oneonta with such great memories and friends as I embark on something new!”

Katherine Sanderson is currently a sophomore at SUNY Oneonta majoring in Communication Studies. She hails from a small town about 30 miles north of Albany, New York, where she began writing anything from poetry to short stories that express many of the things that she enjoys about life and love. Katherine began her writing career early in her high school education, first by writing for enjoyment, then challenging herself and entering different writing competitions. The American Library of Poetry has published Katherine in two of their book editions “Acclaimed” and “Discovered” in the years 2011 and 2013, which were two of her greatest writing accomplishments. For Katherine, writing is more than just a hobby, but more of a way to express her true self.
Kenzie Negron is currently a senior in college studying at SUNY Oneonta to pursue her dream career of being a high school english teacher as well as a part time journalist. Kenzie is the proud Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus Chapter at SUNY Oneonta. Kenzie is also the author of her own blog; http://sincerelykenz.com. In her spare time, Kenzie enjoys snowboarding, indulging in tacos, and hanging out with her friends. You can find out more information about Kenzie by following her on Twitter and Instagram (@kenzienegron).