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Single, Not Ready to Mingle?

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From stealing your crushes pencil in third grade, to meeting at their locker in high school, let’s be honest….times have changed. Some people may say the dating and hookup culture are equally as apart of our generations identity. But with college culture supplying people with a surplus of possibilities to make mistakes, have all hopes for relationships gone out the window? Or are there way too many types of relationships in college to even understand? Well let’s access some!

“The Hookup”- whether it’s that person you lock eyes with from across the room and end up having sexual encounters with or that person that you go to when you just want to be with someone, this is definitely not a monogamous relationship.

“The Ex”- That person you’re not quite over nor absolutely despise. The ex is a type of relationship that will always exist because there was once something there.

“The Friend With Benefits”- This is not just a movie title, but also a common relationship to some. This is a person you are close with on a mental level, but choose to have sexual encounters with, with no strings attached.

“The Friend Zone”- We’ve all friend zoned one person in our lives. Whether it is because you weren’t quite feeling or vibing them or really just couldn’t see them in a romantic light, this person has tried relentlessly to prove they are the one for you. Lizzie McGuire is a pro at this certain relationship.

“The Traditional Going Steady”– This is pretty much self-explanatory. Going steady is the traditional boyfriend/girlfriend monogamous relationship.

“The please stop texting me/chatting me creeper”- The “a little too close for comfort” person that always tries to hit on you no matter what evil face you persistently or sassily give them.

“The please I beg of you text me/chat me hottie”- That one person you would probably deny everyone else for because of your obsession with them (yes, even Zac Efron).

I’m sure you’ve experienced at least one of these and if not lets be honest we’ve all felt a certain type of way towards a crush/significant other where we have lost our sanity in some way. So the point you ask? College is a time where we all learn things about ourselves each and every day. From realizing that public speaking class isn’t that terrifying, to knowing to never try the dining halls meatloaf again, this is a time to expand your thinking to new viewpoints. Sharing this experience with a significant other can be both thriving and fulfilling. But some of us may not be ready to step up to that phase in our lives yet. If you haven’t already experienced heartbreak, you very well may in the future. If you haven’t already felt like you had it perfect with someone, you may also in the future. Nothing is for certain. So, no matter what type of relationship you may seek for yourself, know this may not be what others want or are looking for. There are so many different types of people and perspectives. Ask questions, be open-minded, but ultimately make decisions for yourself and no one else. Don’t budge on what you are comfortable with because someone else wants you to do it. Know at the end of the day you are the one living through, and with, the decisions you make. Remember that this significant other you may be seeking for a night, to talk to, to begin a relationship with, or even to love for the rest of your life, will aid in your college experience in some way! Don’t be afraid to open your heart.

Thanks for reading! My name is Colette and I'm a sophomore at SUNY Oneonta. My major is Child and Family Studies with a minor in Business Communications!
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