School Supplies You NEED so You Can Start the Year Off Right

Now that classes have started back up and we are finally getting into the swing of things, it can be hard to get organized. Nothing helps quite like school supplies to get you back on track! Read ahead to find out what's essential for taking this year by storm!

1. A Cute Planner

Staying organized is so much easier, and much more fun, when you have a cute planner to keep track of all your dates, assignments, and meetings in.

2. Felt Tip Pens

These pens make writing in the previously mentioned super cute planner so much more fun and makes your planner look Instagram ready. Aside from aesthetic purposes, these pens write so smoothly and make taking notes something you can enjoy. The PaperMate ones are my favorite and you can get them in so many colors.

3. Planner Stickers

Okay maybe these aren’t necessary, and they might not be a school supply per se but they are really fun and make staying organized easy and something you actually want to do!

4. Notebooks, Binders, and Folders

Obviously, you’re going to need a place to keep all your notes and assignments. These are your standard school supplies, but they don’t have to LOOK standard! You can find plenty of super cute school and office supplies at Target, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls. You may think its obvious, but you want to keep one binder or notebook for each class. The more organized you are now the easier it is to stay that way throughout the semester!

Bonus Tip: For all you freshmen out there who are now responsible for buying your textbooks, DON’T buy them from the campus bookstore or for full price (unless you absolutely MUST)! Instead, look online and compare prices! I really like to use because it compares prices across a variety of retailers!

Time to put in an order on Amazon, or make a quick trip to Walmart to pick up these back to school essentials. I hope this helps you get on track (and stay there!) this school year.

HCXO, Emily