Relax? Easier Said Than Done



If you’re anything like me, there are a hundred different emotions running through you as graduation soon approaches in just a few short weeks. We’re eager to see what is next, miserable that we’re soon leaving our friends, exhausted from homework assignments, and anxious that we have yet to find a job after graduation. It truly is a lot to handle at times.


Don’t be discouraged! All your hard work will soon be worth it once you land that dream job. BUT until then… I understand that this crazy time in our lives can be difficult; and when you feel as though you can’t handle anymore pressure, here are a few small healing practices you can take advantage of to release some stress off your shoulders.


1. Lavender, lavender, lavender.

When times are tough and I don’t think I can handle any more obstacles, I add a few drops of lavender essential oil to my diffuser to help keep my feet on the ground. Aromatherapy is real, people!


2. Jog it out

What better way to release your nerves and frustrations than blasting some tunes through your headphones and running away from your problems (literally)?


3. Keep yourself busy

As easy as it sounds, keeping yourself busy and taking your mind off of those applications can bring you some benefits. Take a day or two off from applying or perfecting your resume, and just enjoy the wonderful moments with the people around you.



I have heard time and time again from various people that the hardest part about finding a job after college is beating down the company’s door. So far, they’re right on the money with that statement! Though this process seems never ending, I am confident in my education, my skillset, and most importantly myself, and you should be, too. Once we get to introduce ourselves to that dream job working for that dream company, everything will fall right into place and it will all work out in the end.


We’ve Got This!


hcxo K. S.