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Just coming off a week long break… having the weather outside looking like it may finally start changing for the better finally… knowing we are SO close to the end… it’s getting increasingly harder not to be  sucked into the procrastination trap at this point. But we gotta hang in there Oneonta, only a little over three weeks until sweet freedom and if you are a senior like me, you must know as well as I do that that freedom can’t come soon enough! Try to stay focused in maintaining those grades even with the temptations of wanting to just kick back and relax!

Carrie Soltis is a fun-loving girl who is always in search of an adventure. For her, it’s the small things in life that matter most; whether it’s enjoying a backyard barbeque with friends, taking a spontaneous road trip in search of freedom, or just lounging around in a beach chair next to the ocean. When Carrie is not busy enjoying the pleasures of a nice sunny day, fiddling around with photography, or spending quality time with her favorite roommate, she can be found deep in her studies at SUNY Oneonta (class of 2011). Carrie is currently majoring in Communication Studies, with a minor in Advertising. Although one of her dreams is to become an events planner, Carrie’s ultimate desire is just to simply appreciate life for all it has to offer and never take a single moment for granted. Carrie aspires travel the world in hopes of acquiring a true gratitude for life.
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