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Last week was an exciting week for most of the nation, well “Bachelor” Nation at least. Colton finally jumped the fence—it’s about time! We waited weeks to see if and why he left the show, and we now we finally know. Colton leaves when Cassie, his love, breaks up with him. Meanwhile, Tayshia and Hannah G. were both fully committed to him and to an engagement; he still left them. Underwood followed his heart and went after the woman he loves because he knew it was right thing to do, for all those involved, as painful as it all was.

We see the footage of Colton going after Cassie, and this made some viewers skeptical. She did just express that she was ready to move on. However, once Colton came back, she was ready to give it another shot. Some are saying her investment in the relationship is fake and she is only taking part in any of this for the publicity payout. I would personally argue against these accusations.

“The Bachelor” is an unusual situation to begin with. One man dates 30 girls! The girls are bound to be jealous and uncertain at some point! You can say you are ready to be engaged at the end, but how do you know until you are actually in the moment; and what about the real world? I fully support Cassie’s reasoning for leaving, as she was in a difficult position. She liked Colton but was not ready to get engaged or to make a lifelong commitment after only spending a limited amount of time with him. Can you blame her? I also respect Cassie’s dad in his decision to not give his blessing to Colton. You barely know the guy!

I respect the way Colton went about this process, as he was mature and realistic. He didn’t need a proposal at the end, just the woman he loves by his side. I think Colton and Cassie do love each other now, after spending more time together. Their relationship needed time to grow and to strengthen off camera.

I watch Colton and Cassie interact with each other on social media, and their relationship is real. They are so cute together! My favorite videos are where Colton learns to interact with cats, as we all know he is more of a dog person. Of course, I have never met them, but I do feel their love through their Instagram stories. I honestly believe they have the potential to eventually get engaged and be married. Let’s hope for sake it’s televised!

Another topic that arose from this finale was Colton’s traditional values. He asked Tayshia, Hannah, Caelynn, and Cassie’s dad for their blessing to take their daughter’s hand in marriage. Yes, you don’t see this much anymore, but you should! I agree with his actions and am glad he chose to stick to his values and is proud of them. His morals haven’t changed simply because he was the star of a reality show.; he handled himself right and found his love in the end.

Overall, I think Colton was the best Bachelor yet. He was the first one to forget the craziness of the show and to focus on a realistic relationship. He was true to himself and wasn’t afraid of what others thought. We need these examples on television today, and I hope Colton started a trend. As a huge “Bachelor” nation fan, I hope Cassie and Colton are very happy together. I respect their journey and how they’re choosing to taking their relationship at their own pace. No one gets engaged after two dates! Relationships need time to grow, and that’s what they are doing now. I am happy he is spending so much time with the Randolph family, as family is very important to both of them.; stay true to your values and look what can happen. This season… nailed it!



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