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Meet World Traveler, Brooke Wendling!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oneonta chapter.


It’s a pleasure for me to introduce you to my day one best friend at SUNY Oneonta, Brooke Wendling! Brooke spent a semester abroad in Australia in the spring, and recently completed an internship in Dublin, Ireland over the summer. Continue reading to find more about Brooke’s adventures down below!


Name: Brooke Wendling

Major: International Studies and Communications

Hometown: Saratoga Springs

Year: Senior


Favorite Food: Avocado and Sushi

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter

Favorite Band: The 1975


HC: What did you do over the summer?

BW: I interned in Dublin, Ireland! I worked at the Irish Thoracic Society in the communications department. I also worked in public health services of Ireland.


HC: What made you pick Dublin?

BW: I used Connect123, which is one of SUNY Oneonta’s partners that help you find an internship that is reliable and professional. Connect123 made me feel comfortable every step of the way. Once I landed in Ireland, Connect123 arranged an orientation for all of the people interning. They hosted a lot of fun events that helped me meet a ton of people from all over.


HC: Was it a good experience?

BW: I highly recommend this trip especially if you need an internship for your major! The people were incredible and made me feel at home.


HC: What was your favorite thing to do abroad?

BW: I loved traveling and meeting new people along the way! While in Dublin, I made weekend trips to Galway, Cork, Belfast, Netherlands, Barcelona, Edinburgh and Brussels!


HC: What is your next destination?

BW: I want to teach English in Japan!


Thanks for learning a little bit about Brooke!





Kenzie Negron is currently a senior in college studying at SUNY Oneonta to pursue her dream career of being a high school english teacher as well as a part time journalist. Kenzie is the proud Campus Correspondent for the Her Campus Chapter at SUNY Oneonta. Kenzie is also the author of her own blog; http://sincerelykenz.com. In her spare time, Kenzie enjoys snowboarding, indulging in tacos, and hanging out with her friends. You can find out more information about Kenzie by following her on Twitter and Instagram (@kenzienegron).