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Meet Track Star, Kristyn Kumpfbeck

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oneonta chapter.


Name: Kristyn Kumpfbeck

Year: Sophomore

Major: Dietetics


How is Kristyn involved on campus?

Kristyn is a member of the SUNY Oneonta’s Women’s Track and Field.


HC: What Races or Events do you participate in and which is your favorite?

KK: “During Indoor Track and Field, I run the 60-meter dash, 200-meter dash, and the 400-meter dash. Then during Outdoor Track and Field, I run the 400-meter dash, the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash. Sometimes I participate in the 4 x 400 meter relay. My favorite event to run is the 400-meter dash because that is my best event. This race gets my adrenaline going, gives me mental strength, and is just exciting to run!”


HC: How have you been balancing school and track?

KK: “It is pretty difficult to balance my schoolwork with my practices, but I have been managing! My major requires me to take a lot of classes per semester, so I have to balance all my schoolwork with day-to-day practices. This usually means long nights in the library and a lot of coffee!”


HC: What are your hopes for the upcoming season?

KK: “This season, I hope to beat my Personal Record in the 400-meter dash. I also hope to expand my ability to do well in multiple events. I also hope to qualify for our Conference meet that is also know as SUNYACS.”


HC: Do you have any advice for freshman on the team?

KK: “My advice for freshman on the team is to always put your schoolwork first! Although Track and Field is very important, doing well in classes is more important for a successful life in the future. I would also tell them to be conscious of their diet as they face their “Unlimited Dinning Plan.” Make good choices! Freshman 15 is a real thing!”


Fun Fact about Kristyn Kumpfbeck: “I have a twin brother”!



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