Meet Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai, a fifteen year old girl who lives in Pakistan, was shot in the head by the Taliban for speaking up about women’s right to education. In Pakistan, the government is indecisive on if they should let women learn. Certain days, the Taliban will go on the radio and say girls cannot attend school. Malala was not afraid to speak out about her opinion’s and wanted to stand up for her rights. Malala posted her opinion on women’s education on a blog. On October 9th, 2012, Malala was shot in the head while leaving school. She was put in the intensive care unit and underwent multiple surgeries. She responded well to them, but she lost all feeling on the left side of her face. Nonetheless, Malala has made a full recovery and regained all her cognitive abilities. Today, she travels around to different countries telling her story. Malala is a hero and an amazing influence for all women. She teaches us to stand up for what we believe in and to never stop being brave. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize and was named Time Magazine’s most influential person in 2013.

HCXO, Britanie Carlozzi