Meet HC’s Own Haley Miller!

Name: Haley Miller

Major: Early Childhood/Childhood Education with an English Concentration

Year: Junior

Age: 20

Birthday: May 7

Hometown: Berne, New York

HC: What is your favorite TV show?

HM: Friends!

HC: Favorite food?

HM: Chinese chicken salad

HC: If you were a food item, what would you be?

HM: A taco

HC: What’s your favorite scent?

HM: Pumpkin candles.

HC: What irritates you the most?

HM: People who aren’t accepting of others when it doesn’t apply to them.

HC: What’s your favorite animal?

HM: Elephants, because they’re very intelligent!

HC: What’s your favorite season?

HM: Summer.

HC: What did you name your first car?

HM: Betty

HC: What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

HM: To work at an elephant sanctuary in Africa.

HC: What’s your favorite quote?

HM: “Let your faith be bigger than your fear”

HC: Something the readers would be surprised to know about you?

HM: I am a former vegetarian!

HC: If you could only eat at one restaurant forever, where would you choose?

HM: Olive Garden

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