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Meet the Fabulous Ally Melendez!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oneonta chapter.

Meet this week’s awesome campus cutie: Ally Melendez! Get to know her down below!

Full name: Alexandra Melendez 

Year: Senior

Major: Mass Communications

Nickname(s): Ally

Hometown: Huntington

Fun fact:  “I rescued my pitbull Jaxon!”

Hobbies: Running and cooking

Dream job: Actress/reality TV

Celebrity crush: Eric Decker

HC: “Ally! Tell us about your internship this past summer.”

Ally: “I interned with a woman who has a show on CBS and it was amazing. We became really close and I met the coolest people!”

HC: “That sounds awesome. Are you involved in any clubs or organizations on campus?”

Ally: “Yes! I’m the President of CAS, the Communication Arts Society, but I’m also involved in Alpha Phi Omega which is a community service fraternity, Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Honors Society, and The Wire, which is the student run television station on the SUNY Oneonta Campus.”

HC: “What show are you currently binge-watching on netflix?”

Ally: “None, but I binge-watch Game of Thrones on HBO!”

HC: “You said you like to cook! What’s your go-to meal?”

Ally: “I love making chicken tortellini soup for everyone. It’s easy to make and lasts us the week.”

HC: “What’s something you’re looking forward to in the next couple of months?”

Ally: “Since I’m graduating in the spring, I’m mostly looking forward to just enjoying the rest of my college experience with my friends.”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Ally, follow her on Instagram at @allymelendez_!​

Hey everyone! My name is Callan Fridgen, and I'm a junior at Oneonta State studying Communications with a minor in Public Relations. Find me on Instagram @callanfridgen