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Meet Cashmere Nicole, the Founder & CEO of Beauty Bakerie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oneonta chapter.

34-year-old Cashmere Nicole is the founder of the newly popular cruelty-free makeup brand, Beauty Bakerie. In 2011, 26-year-old Cashmere Nicole launched her business after battling breast cancer, all while tackling the responsibilities of being a single mother from the age of 16. After overcoming so many obstacles and hardships in her life, Cashmere Nicole created a business with the theme of sweetness in mind. She began by selling products from her house and has since grown to build a $5 million company. Her scrumptious products are cruelty-free, smudge-free, long wear, and based off of her saying of “better not bitter”.

Beauty Bakerie started a program called Sugar Homes in 2016; this foundation raises money to help those in need around the world. On their website, Beauty Bakerie states, “Sugar Homes’ mission is to “sweeten the lives of others” by donating money, clothes, toys, and other things needed to orphanages all around the globe.” As of 2019, Sugar Homes has raised over $110,000 for the Hopeworth Children’s Foundation; according to the Beauty Bakerie website, the Hopeworth Foundation is a “female-led orphanage in Uganda that has been tending to suffering children since 2011.”

For a woman who has gone through so many bitter things in her life thus far, Cashmere Nicole continues to provide a touch of sweetness to everyone who purchases her products, and to those who she is helping through Sugar Homes. It is inspiring seeing the amount of hope, love, and sweetness a person can possess. Cashmere Nicole is a great example that no matter the circumstances, people should never give up on your dreams.


Mary Kate Callahan