Little Dreamer

Here is a poem about female immigrants that came to America and changed our history. They did so much to pave the way for us today. Keep dreaming and making positive changes to society!  

My parents call us Dreamers, 

People from far away. 

People that came to America, 

For adventure, 

To stay. 

To try new things,  

To access more opportunities. 

To learn to reach for the stars. 


New school, 

New home, 

No family next door. 


Am I the only one thinking this new life is hard? 


My parents call us Dreamers. 

Yes, I have dreams. 

My dream is to belong in the life that was chosen for me. 


My parents call us Dreamers, 

While talking about the life they wanted to last, 

But, here they are. 

In America. 

Chasing different dreams, 

Of good jobs and education, 

All the best for me. 


“Little Dreamer” the would say, 

“Who do you wish to be?  

We are in America, 

You can choose anything.”