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I switched to Only Drinking Water and Here’s What Happened

Being on a college campus with Starbucks, multiple cafés, vending machines filled with sugary drinks, and dining halls with ten plus options of soda, it can be a struggle to avoid carbonated, caffeinated and unnatural drinks. I decide the best way to prevent myself from forming any bad habits was to cut out these options completely and only drink water. It’s been three months since I made this decision and I am extremely pleased with the results I’ve encountered. Here are the biggest changes I’ve noticed since ditching the sugary drinks and limiting myself to only water!


1. Easier to Fall Asleep at Night

I’ve always been the kind of person to toss and turn for hours before falling asleep, but now I can fall asleep within ten minutes! Drinks like soda, coffee, etc. are loaded with sugars that stay in our bodies for a lot longer than we think, and can be the main cause behind sleepless nights. Water gives you the energy you need during the day, but won’t keep you up at night.


2. Increased Motivation to Workout

Water gives you long lasting energy so even by the end of your day, you’ll be motivated to hit the gym. Drinking water throughout the day will also give you more energy so you can have a more effective workout by pushing yourself farther.


3. Softer Skin

Water flushes out all the bad toxins in our skin, making it softer and brighter! The more water you drink the better your complexion will be. Cutting out sugary drinks should also result in clearer skin. In addition, drinking water will cause your skin to age more slowly by moisturizing it and preventing wrinkles.


4. More Focused During Classes

The brain needs oxygen to operate and water is one of the best sources! Increasing your water intake will help you be more focused, keen, quick and clever, which could definitely come in handy during those 8:00 AM lectures! Caffeine only helps you focus on a few things for a limited amount of time. Water will keep your attention for a significantly longer amount of time and without a dramatic crash.


5. Snacking Less

By drinking water you’ll be less likely to get hungry throughout the day and therefore you’ll snack less. Water can fill you up and has zero calories!


6. Boosted Immune System

There were a few times I started to experience minor cold symptoms but never ended up getting sick. Normally when I start getting symptoms I get a full blown cold. Drinking large amounts of water helps the performance of our kidneys and liver (the organs that eliminate toxins and waste). Water is the world’s medicine!


7. Fewer Headaches

The cause for most headaches is dehydration, sugar and caffeine. You can see where drinking water would solve all these issues. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you might get headaches from caffeine withdrawals in the beginning, but once you can get past that stage you’ll feel so much better!


8. Stable and Happy Moods

With every sugar crash comes the irritability. Drinking water will eliminate the ups and downs and your moods will be much more regulated. You’ll be able to think much more positively and clearly with only water in your body.


I would highly suggest everyone try this out, and see what drinking only water does for you! Start out with a week, then thirty days and eventually you’ll form an extremely healthy habit.

Jess is from Albany, New York and is currently a sophmore at SUNY Oneonta studying psychology. in her free time she loves to dance, go to concerts, and write! Follow on instagram and twitter (@jess_carlson_)
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