The Her Campus Pre-Collegiette Guide: State University of New York Oneonta

School: SUNY Oneonta

Location: Oneonta, NY

Funding: Private

Size: 6000

Tuition: In state- $16,244
Out of State- $24,144

Majors: 25

Schools: None

"I chose Oneonta because of the beautiful campus, and its affordability. Oneonta is an amazing value, especially for the quality of education." 

"I chose the school because it was the only school that really offered a good program for my major, music industry. Also, I really liked the scenery." 

"If I had to start again, I would most likely pick Oneonta again, for the education and the campus and staff." 

"Given the chance, I would probably explore more options. But I would probably still have chosen Oneonta." 

"The best thing about Oneonta is the campus itself. Everything is pretty close together, so I never have to worry about being late. The worst thing about Oneonta... I'd have to say the terrain. The hills are killer-- but it's great excercise!" 

"Best things: the school activities. They may not always have the coolest programs, but there is always something to's hard to be bored. Also, the Greek Life. I joined a sorority on a whim and I'm really glad I did it because I've gotten a lot of community service hours and leadership opportunities. Resident life is pretty fun too, most of the RA's are helpful and nice. Worst things: The food isn't really great. This is mostly because they don't have a huge variety. If you are a vegan, vegetarian, or have gluten allergies I would look out because even though they do cater a little to these types, they don't put enough emphasis on it. Also, if you shop for 'groceries' at mills, its a bit pricy. In my experience, academic advisors haven't been all that helpful. There is very little to do in the town of Oneonta, sometimes you have to drive a bit. The last thing is safety off campus; to be honest, the town is a little sketchy; always make sure to stick with a group of friends at night." 

"Classes are simple and understandable. In several, I've had to push myself mentally and learned a lot more than I normally would have. I've had some excellent professors, and I've never had a serious problem with a single professor." 

"Generally, the academics are good. Professors are a mixed bag, but most will help you. My only complaint is all of the general education courses; I felt like I was wasting time taking some of those classes."

"There's a great variety of clubs, and it's pretty simple to get involved in all the activities. In the fall, I loved playing Intramural Softball because there's no pressure, it's not too competitive." 

"There are a bunch of great organizations to join; if you're interested in something, there is probably a club for it. If you come here, make sure to go to the club expo, you can meet all of the organizations (and get some freebies)."

"The dining halls provide an amazing variety. I'm a huge picky eater, s the fact that the staff has no problem catering to me is really awesome. And I love the ability to grab something on the go. As far as local food, I love the Chinese, and Stella Luna, a cozy authentic Italian spot, provided me with one of the best rich meals I've ever had." 

"Dining isn't all that great on campus. Off campus however, there are a TON of great places to eat. Some of my favorites are Athens (a greek restaurant), Tokyo (great sushi/sake bombs) and the Yellow Deli" 

"I love being able to connect with my friends, whether it's at an RA's social, or out at the bar listening to a new local band. You can usually find something to do on the weekends, no matter what you're looking for." 

"Student life is good, there are a bunch of things to do on campus. Nightlife is also pretty good, there are a ton of parties and bars (my favorite is The Sip and Sail). The only downside is that the bars get REALLY crowded."

"My current dorm, Tobey Hall, is the best. Recently remodeled, Tobey is friendly, spacious, and I feel really at home here. I love the on-campus housing, it's definitely a real highlight of Oneonta." 

"I like dorm life. It's pretty comfortable. I would suggest mattress pads though. My only complaint is that the noise level can get a bit rowdy and annoying." 

Special thanks to Kristen and Lauren