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Halloween Costumes You NEED To Try

In my opinion, Halloween is one of the best holidays. Although some people may dread Halloween due to the stress of finding the perfect costume, this can be easily avoided! I generated a list of fun, DIY, costumes you can try out this upcoming season! 


Honestly, who doesn’t love Clueless?!


With the recent popularity, who wouldn’t want to dress as a seltzer can?!

Have a big friend group? No worries, shark week will take care of that


Were you really a child if you didn’t watch rocket power?

Nothing says BFF goals like Mia Thermopolis and Lilly Moscovitz

Or couple goals like Andy and April from Parks and Rec.

It’s your lucky day: four of a Kind!



Nothin’ cuter than the 3 Little Pigs



All Photo Credit From Google Images and Pinterest! 



My name is Taryn DiRocco, and I'm a sophomore at SUNY Oneonta. I'm currently studying Communications with a minor in Public Relations. I'm from Smithtown, Long Island, and I enjoy pizza, the beach, Grey's Anatomy, and traveling. 
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