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Getting to Know HCO: Haley Miller

Name: Haley

Hometown: Berne, NY 

Major: Early Childhood/Childhood Education

Year: Senior


Emily: Who is your craziest/most interesting relative?

Haley: Definitely my uncle…if you’re reading this you know who you are. 


E: What band would you be embarrassed to admit you listen to?

H: Probably Taylor Acorn, but like honestly, i kind of like it so it’s alright.


E: What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

H: I want to go to Cleveland, Ohio but no one wants to go :(


E: What’s a weird fact you happen to know?

H: Phishing scams are usually done by educated, white males who have phishing as a job on the side. They also don’t seem to know how to spell…which is interesting.


E: What is your real favorite movie, and what movie do you pretend is your favorite to sound cultured.

H: Real: Elf, for sure. Pretend Favorite: I don’t need to be cultured, I say things as they are. 


E: What’s your funniest talent? Or un-talent?

H: I really like being embarrassing.


E: What’s your best idea for a reality TV show?

H: All of the ridiculous things children say.


E: Which Disney character’s story does your life most resemble?

H: Cinderella, because I lose things…


E: Everyone has those recurring bad dreams…what is your nightmare?

H: It’s that I have a pet monkey that’s wearing a propellor hat, it’s the only dream I have that I can remember.





Emily Halnon

Oneonta '21

Hi all, I'm Emily! I am currently studying Childhood Education at SUNY Oneonta. When I'm not doing work, I spend most of my time binge-watching youtube videos and hanging out with my friends.
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