Defining Success

There’s days where I never feel like I’m doing enough or continually telling myself that I need to be better and do better. Days where my focus is scrambled and pulled in multiple directions in a matter of seconds. Continually comparing myself to my peers success or their opportunities that I wasn’t dealt. These doubts and fears are almost too familiar for many going to college or a university.



When all of these worries come flying my way, it almost seems impossible to achieve my goals. How is everyone else juggling all of this craziness? Am I ever going to be successful after I graduate?


I asked my dad these questions and more. If I’m being honest, more than once over the years. Telling him all my worries and stresses. How I’m feeling “unmotivated” and “I’m afraid I’ll never be successful”.


He told me something that I know will stick with me forever. Something I think all of us need to be reminded every so often. He asked me, “Well, how do you define success”. I sat there quietly on the phone, realizing I drew a complete blank. How do I define my own personal success? I’ve wished for this every time 11:10 changed to 11:11 (hopefully telling you this doesn’t hurt my chances), but what was I really wishing for?




He answered himself by saying, “If you define success as being a billionaire, then you’ll be disappointed. When you achieve an accomplishment, no matter how small it may seem, that’s success. It may seem ministqual in the moment, but little by little each stride forward that you make is a success. Because each of those tiny accomplishments will eventually add up into something bigger even if you don’t realize it right now”.


He’s right. Although, I’m sure many of would like to deny the fact that what our parents have been telling us over the years is true, we soon come to learn they were right all along. We may not see it right now, but we’re all going somewhere. Look how far we’ve come already. The fact that we’ve made it to college is a huge success.


 Each and every one of us are going to have days that feel impossible. Appreciate those days as a lesson to be learned because without the bad days there would never be great ones. Without troubles, there would never be accomplishments. Things will fall into place as long as you continue to work hard. Success isn’t only when you receive your first paycheck of 6 figures, it’s those little steps that make you a better you. Whether that’s going to the gym for the first time or the thousandths time, getting an A on an exam, or even finding the time to write this article.



Everyone’s success is unique.


How do you define your success?