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Where sleep doesn’t exist, liveliness and energy fills its body instead. The people withingo to sleep but the lights, the streets, the movement never does. With millions of nationalities,not just a few. American, Dutch, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Mexican; all mixed into one.Diversity fills it veins, the blood of mankind flowing through the streets and making its wayslowly through every village, every borough. It’s heart beats to the sound of the music, theenergy of a million souls whose stories each differ, but come together as they each try to maketheir way in the world. Musicians line the streets with drums, guitars, keyboards, even just their

vocal cords. The heart beats with every note that filters day in and day out. It’s feet carry theweight of the world; students, workers, celebrities, artists, an average person just trying tosurvive the burden of expenses and taxes. The nose is full of scents that are so familiarized theyare almost engraved in its brain. Smoke, garbage, human pee, dog pee, exhaust, pizza, hotdogs,caramelized nuts. Its body never stops, never sleeps; always lit up and always buzzing with life,energy, determination. Its hands touch the lives of so many, holding a plethora of things butnever once dropping anything; Futures, memories, inspiration, grievance, comfort, ambition.

The ears are constantly ringing, the sounds never stop. The only time they aren’t heard is simplyif they are toned out but they always remain; People, cars, subways, sirens, instruments, animals.The sounds are what keeps it awake, like a never-ending alarm, perhaps that's why it neversleeps. The eyes are pierced with so many images at once, its eyelids are forced to stay open,never once falling, always something new to see. The images of skyscrapers, the wrath of thelights, diversity, fashion, and people who are just trying to make their way. It sees hope, it seesempowerment, it sees change, it sees pride. It sees New York City, the city that never sleeps.

My name is Rebecca but I go by Becca! :) I'm from Long Island and I am a Media Studies major at Oneonta. I love to write so I hope you enjoy my work. Love and good vibes always.
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