The Art of Not Giving a Shit

The truth is, “not giving a shit” isn’t as complicated as it may seem once you understand what you don’t want to give a shit about. Of course, as college students most of us will care a great deal about our grade point average, internships, and what our future holds outside of the college campus once we’re handed our well-deserved diploma. It’s easy to be consumed by things that you shouldn’t give a shit about. Especially when balancing school, a social life, work, self-care, and everything else in between.


To be frank, recently I realized (better late than never) that I’ve been throwing my “give a shit” bucks away to things that aren’t my top priority. One thing almost every college student can relate to is that money is a scarce necessity. So, choosing to spend your hard earned cash at the grocery store and rent is knowingly more important than buying a round of shots for everyone and double fisting two beers-but to each their own. Of course, it’s okay to splurge sometimes because if it’s something that makes you happy then go for it! However, there’s going to come a point when you’ve splurged way too much, and now you don’t have the funds to pay next months rent - I might as well @ myself.


This is the same concept as your “give a shit” bucks. They’re the same as regular money, except they’re not tangible. You only have so many shits to give in a day, and if you’re using those up on things that aren’t on your top list of priorities, then before you know it  it’ll be 2:00 am and you still haven’t studied for your exam that’s in six hours.


Why is this so important? Well, we all find ourselves swallowed by people, events, or tasks that continually cause us stress; these are things that you dread, and honestly have no purpose in your life or won’t benefit you in the future. Yes, sometimes you might not want to do certain things, such as go to the gym or pay rent instead of ordering takeout every night. However, some things WILL benefit you later on.


It’s time to look at what’s in your wallet and realize where you want to cash your “give a shit” bucks because the sooner you recognize that your well-being and your time is valuable, the sooner you’re going to finally be able to give up the shit in your life and stop giving a shit about the unimportant aspects of life.