The 6 Must-See Hallmark Christmas

My perfect December evening is sitting on the couch in a heated blanket with hot chocolate, watching a Hallmark Christmas movie of course! I look forward to fulfilling this fantasy every winter break. These movies have a magical quality to them that is simply indescribable. Yes, every movie has a predictable plot, such as a city business woman transferring to a small town and finding love along the way, maybe at a holiday festival. However, it never gets old! No matter how many times the plot gets switched around, I will always watch. Get ready to sit for two hours because once you start the movie, you’ll have to finish it to see how it ends!


1. Royal Christmas 

This movie has a slightly different plot than most Hallmark Christmas movies, as the two characters who wish to marry have known each other from the start. The Prince travelled outside his country and met a girl in Philadelphia, Emily, but his mom would rather have him marry someone more fit for the part. Emily tries to fit into the royal lifestyle but doesn’t succeed instantly. You will see her struggles to fit in, but also her passion to win over the royal family.


2. Finding Santa

If you were a Full House fan growing up, you’ll recognize the main character in this one. Stephanie, or Grace, as she is known in the movie. Grace works in her hometown putting on an extravagant Christmas festival, but has trouble finding someone to fill the role of Santa. Ben comes from a line of Santa’s but wants to be his own person. Their love story unfolds as Ben realizes his love for Christmas and his hometown.


3. Christmas Getaway

A travel writer decides to settle down for Christmas and fulfill her assignment of writing about a traditional Christmas away in a cabin in a magical Christmas town, Pine Grove. A father to a spirited young girl decides to get away for Christmas and spend the holidays in Pine Grove. A reservation mistake leads to the two being assigned the same room. After trying to go home, the travel writer must stay because of the weather, but ends up experiencing a traditional Christmas with the family for her article. In the end, she creates a winning article and what makes her truly happy in life.


4. The Nine Lives of Christmas

This movie combines animals and a Christmas love story. Does it get any better? A firefighter refuses to make any long-term commitments, until a stray cat comes into his life. A local vet student teaches him how to care for the cat, and the chemistry forms. The fear of commitment slowly fades away as he falls in love, of course with some obstacles along the way. Watch and see if the cat brings two people together for their happily ever after!


5. Christmas Under Wraps

This movie might just be my favorite Hallmark Christmas movie. My mom and I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it! Lauren, a medical student, has always dreamed of doing her fellowship in Boston, but when her plans fall through, she ends up in Garland, Alaska as the sole doctor in the office. She meets Andy, the town handyman, and everything starts to fall into place. Lauren contemplates what her dreams are, big city or small town. In the end, she finds out she is right where she is supposed to be.


6. Christmas Everlasting

This movie is actually very recent, as it was just released this year. The plot of this movie is actually more complicated than most, with twists and turns in every corner. Lucy and Alice are twin sisters, but Lucy lives in the city and Alice stayed in their hometown. Then, one phone call changed everything. A devastating loss changed Lucy’s life forever and forces her to come back home, where she runs into an old crush. New family members and challenges overwhelm Lucy but ends up bringing her right where she needed to be.


There are so many Hallmark Christmas movies, but these are just the ones that are memorable to me! They are always playing a marathon, so its not hard to catch them. These movies leave you with a happy heart and sense of joy. When watching these stories, you feel as though you are transported out of reality and into the movie. It is a great escape from the stresses of everyday life. Also, if you are guilty of loving a sappy love story once in while like me, these movies are for you. Enjoy the holidays and cuddle up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and turn on the Hallmark channel!