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5 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

1. Movie night with the girls! 

Nothing is better than snuggling up with your best friends, spending all night watching rom coms, and laughing (or crying) your head off. If you prefer some time to yourself then go for it! Nothing is better than lying in bed watching a movie and having “me” time.

2. Shopping Spree 

This time of year is when new spring styles start to come out! Spend a couple hours at the mall browsing your favorite stores for the newest spring trends that can add a statement to your wardrobe.

3. Babysit for a Neighbor

Take a few hours out of your night to do a favor for your neighbors, or friends, who don’t get to go out very much. Put on a kids’ movie or do some arts and crafts to keep the kiddos occupied.

4. Cook a nice dinner for you & your family

If your parents aren’t going out to eat for Valentine’s Day this year, then suggest making them a nice dinner. You can all sit down at the table together and catch up on life. Quality time with your parents is always important.

5. Ignore It

There are many people who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and choose to treat it as another typical day of the week. Maybe switch things up this year if you recently ended a relationship and take some time to ease your mind and not think about things.

HCXO, Lindsey

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