5 Study Tips for Success

A new semester means a fresh start and a chance to earn awesome grades in your classes! If you get into a routine of practicing good study habits from the start you will be more successful throughout the duration of the semester. Here are a few tips:

1. Break it up

When you have a large assignment you need to complete you may find yourself procrastinating because you don't know how to get started. If you can break a larger assignment down into smaller ones this will make the assignment more manageable and allow you to complete on time!

2. Unplug

You may think that you can text, check social media, complete assignments, and study all at once but this isn't realistic. If you minimize distractions during the time that you are studying you will find you are working more efficiently and learning more effectively. 

3. Take a break

A marathon study session will prove to be very ineffective. You need to start somewhere so set a timer and study for 15 minutes. After this time is up assessed how you are feeling. If you can continue for another 10 minutes, great! If not, take a five-minute break and try another 15 minutes. Don't forget to stay motivated and don't be too hard on yourself. 

4. Find your place

The library is not for everyone and I can't emphasize enough! YOU need to find a place that works best for YOU. For some, this may be in their room, another building on campus, or the student union.

5. Relax

In order to find success, you need to schedule time for self-care. After you finish a study session take a break and do something that you enjoy.


Happy studying!

HCXO, Shea