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The 10 Things People Say When You’re a Child & Family Studies Major

Being in a small major that is not available in many schools you get very mixed reactions when telling people your major. Many times people are confused, simply because they have never heard of Child and Family Studies before.

“What are you going to do with that?”

There are plenty of careers in the child and family studies field. I want to be a school counselor.

“Hmmm, I’ve never heard of that.”

Neither did I, until I came to college.

“That’s a major?”

Yes, yes it is.

“So you just wanna play with children?”

I mean, I wish…

“So you want to be a social worker?”

Actually no, there are plenty of other careers that you can go into with a degree in child and family studies. I personally would like to be a school counselor.

“Isn’t that basically the same thing as an education major?”

If it was, I would still be an education major.


People always look at me with a confused face when I tell them my major.

“What kind of major is that?”

The perfect major for me.

“That’s cool.”

Sometimes people just say that because they’ve never heard of it before and really don’t care. 

“Omg, same.”

It’s always cool to meet other child and family studies majors!



Hey guys, I'm Sydnie Rosenfeld. Currently I am a sophomore Child and Family Studies major at SUNY Oneonta, planning to become a guidance counselor. I was born and raised in Staten Island, NY. In my spare time I love hanging out with my friend, watching Netflix and Hulu, especially Friends and Grey's Anatomy. I am involved in many things on campus other then HerCampus, I am an orientation mentor(OM) and a New Student Mentor(NSM) with New Student Services, I’m a brother of Alpha Phi Omega and I am heavily involved with the Hillel and Chabad. Through my articles I hope to convey whats important and interesting to me and my life. To keep up with me and my hectic life follow me on instagram @sydniebryce99
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