10 Signs You Have a Severe Case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Have your friends ever gone out but you’re stuck in the library? Do inside jokes get under your skin when you aren’t apart of them? If any of the signs below apply to you, we might have found your diagnosis.

1. You go out even if you’re sick.

2. You avoid going home for the weekend so you don’t miss a fun weekend at school.

3. If you do go home, you hate watching snap stories to see all the fun your friends are having without you.

4. You go out when you have an exam the next day, even though you know it’s a bad idea.

5. Inside jokes bother you when you aren’t included in them.

6. The word “no” is hardly present in your vocabulary.

7. You hate leaving parties if you think it’s “too early.”

8. You’re always on social media.

9. You love gossip.

10. You considered staying in, but then remembered the possibilities of how great a night you could be having otherwise.


So, do any of these apply to you? If they do, fear not- I myself suffer from a severe case of FOMO, and doubt it will ever go away.  If they don’t, consider yourself lucky. Maybe you suffer from a very mild case, but you’d still rather if everyone tried to avoid having a good time when you’re not around. Although a cure for FOMO hasn’t been discovered yet, try to focus on what’s ACTUALLY important, and don’t stress. There’s always time to make new memories.