Why Women Need to Start Making the First Move

By Abbey Edmonson

Hello, ladies. I have a scary idea to propose to you all. It’s 2019, and I think we should start making the first move on people we are interested in. I mean, think about it. Imagine how less confused you would be if you just straight up told someone, “Hey, I think you’re cute” rather than wasting days (maybe weeks) talking to that person and trying to figure out if they feel the same way or if they’re just there for a good time. Lord knows I’ve wasted years doing that exact thing, and I am tired of it. One of my friends recently told a guy that she’s liked for months that she liked him, and they ended up going on a date. That may have never happened if she’d bottled up her feelings. People can be dense sometimes, and they may not realize that you’re interested in them until you straightforwardly say that you’re interested in them.

I know the idea is terrifying, and it’s something I’ll have to overcome too. I have at least two ways to easily practice this. One way is to use Bumble. It’s a dating app where the girl has to talk first. I hear it can be super empowering. Easy peasy. Another strategy is to go into a bar, find a cutie, walk up to him or her, shake their hand, and introduce yourself. Boom. If you get a conversation out of it, great! If you get shot down, shake it off! Starting a casual conversation is not overbearing or needy. If it’s the right person, then they will most likely find it charming and interesting. Life is too short to be wasting all of this time waiting for someone to get the hint. Take your life into your own hands and make a move!