Things That I Want to Say to People but Don't

I overanalyze. I think about the words I say in the order I say them both before and after they come out of my mouth. Sometimes I don’t have a filter and they just pop out before I can really filter them through, but most of the time they get caught in the adult web of how things should be. Children are unique because they haven’t built their web yet. They don’t have all of these things that they want to say but cannot because they don’t have a real rule of cannot. 

I’ve been struggling recently with having all of these things that I feel like I want to say, but have never been able to. These are just a couple of the things that I have wanted to say to people recently that I haven’t found the right way to say. 

  1. You don’t need a boyfriend. No, I am not saying that you shouldn’t have one if you really like someone, but you don’t need one. One of the biggest things that shocked me about coming to Ole Miss was something called “ring by spring" or the goal to get engaged by spring of senior year. If you love someone, yes get married, but the fact that its a goal seems silly to me. If its right it will be right. You shouldn’t have to change your personality or what you would normally do or who you are to “reach your goal.” In addition, it is most certainly not something that you should force another person into. 
  2. Don’t go back to your ex. There is a reason you broke up in the first place. Don’t do it. That's all I have to say, no if and or buts. 
  3. When you are stressed, don’t take it out on other people. Yes, it is easy to get upset and not want to talk to people, but just remove yourself from that situation instead of taking your emotions out on other people. 
  4. Be honest with people. Some things in life are messy. Some things get bad. It makes things worse when you lie to people. Be it little lies like “I’m doing fine,” “things are good” or “schools going well.” These lies don’t help anyone. Its hard to open up sometimes, but if you let yourself be vulnerable. In these moments it allows your friends to be their for you and support you. 

I know that these may seem to be little things, or maybe these things seem easy to say, but sometimes it’s hard to talk to people when you are worried about how people are going to react.