Staying in on Halloween

Some people don't like Halloween and that’s okay. I happen to really like Halloween, but I also struggle with the fact that Halloween falls on any day of the week. I would love to say that I am the type of person that loves to go out and have a great time, but for me, school comes first. Last year on Halloween, I did nothing. I got dressed up, took photos, bought a milkshake and went home to finish a paper due the next day. That was Halloween for me last year. 

Some people don't want to go out on Halloween, but that doesn't mean that Halloween cant be fun. I like dressing up and so that is what I did. But for some people you can also make fun themed food and drinks that go with Halloween right in your kitchen. 

I looked up a couple recipes online and here is what I found:


These are just some of the things that you can make if you want to have a night in. But if staying in is not for you, then go out and have fun! Just remember to dress in whatever makes you most comfortable and to be safe!