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No Tricks, All Treats: Easy DIY Halloween Snacks

Trick or Treat Ladies and Gents! With Halloween vastly approaching, now is the perfect time to plan a fun and memorable gathering with friends. Apart from wearing spooky, or risque, costumes, what's a sure fire way to enjoy the scariest night of the year you may ask? ‘Do it Yourself’ spooky treats of course. These treats are guaranteed to spark a night of laughter, excitement, and goofy pictures to look back on ten years from now. So grab a pen, screenshot, or commit to memory these easy, delicious delicacies you and your friends should recreate.

Pumpkin Shaped Rice Krispies

  Out with the old, in with the new! Why scavenge for mini pumpkins when you can make them at home? This sweet little treat also serves as a cute Halooween decor piece without breaking the bank. Two for one you could say, we love a good deal.

Spider Web Pretzels

Ooey Gooey marshmallow treats! Be sure to tell your friends not to run, there’s no spider near! The Pretzel and Marshmallow combo makes an easy DIY treat for you and your friends. Be careful, the recipe is a tad bit sticky.

Ghost Berrrrrrries!

This affordable DIY is quick and easy to make! Go grab a carton of strawberries and icing from your local Wal-Mart and you’re good to go! This healthier alternative is sure to leave a spookalicious look on your guests' face!

Yummy Mummy Hotdogs

Tired of SWEETS and need some MEAT? This is the DIY treat for you.These yummy pigs-in-a blanket imitation snacks can serve as a cute little appetizer. Can you say Instagram worthy? 

Gross Earwax Covered Q-Tip

EWWWW ! Who left a used Q- Tip laying around? This wacky and creative DIY is sure to be a conversation piece for unexpected guests. We all have Q-Tips laying around, so grab a pack and your favorite brand of caramel and make this spunky desert.

Alexandra Redmond is an English major at the University of Mississippi. She enjoys the freedom that comes with writing, and the beauty of empowerment amongst educated women.
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