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My Vagina Smells Like What? Feminine Hygiene 101

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ole Miss chapter.

Ahem! Ladies, how are you doing? And no sweety, not you reading this article but your lady friend downstairs. You know, the really special friend of yours who deserves regular check-ups by our favorite auntie, Aunt GG. Some like to call her Ms.Obgyn when she’s on duty, but her name isn’t that important. However, our yearly (bi-yearly for some) check-ups are. Granted, the topic of vaginal health can be uncomfortable and sometimes even scary. There’s no need to be shy about the conversation because every female will have the chat at least once in their life. So let’s have it now, shall we? Did you know that your vagina is basically a self-cleaning machine? The anatomy of the female body is so amazing that there is no need to use any “promising potions” to smell like pineapples and berries, or douches after a good (overly sweaty) workout. The only thing you need is a healthy hygiene routine, and everything should be good to go. Basically your vagina shouldn’t smell like Insomnia Cookies, and in the event that it does then there’s most likely a problem. Nevertheless, your vagina will have a slight smell to it. No worries, that’s your natural scent so be sure to own it girl. You are one of a kind.


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But let’s be real, sometimes things do not always go as planned. In the event that your lady parts develop a rather unpleasant smell remember not to panic! But more importantly, do not self diagnose yourself. So many women are quick to assume that they have a common yeast infection and trust Monistat or other over the counter medication to magically fix the problem. Dear friend, you could be wrong. The vagina is such a sensitive area, that anything foreign could upset it and throw your PH off balance. Perhaps you have Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) which is an overgrowth of bacteria. If you are sexually active, no matter your sexual preference, then you could be infected with an STD. A gynecologist would be happy to meet with you and discuss the necessary steps to treat the underlying problem. Remember ladies, safe sex is healthy sex. (A healthy vagina is definitely a happy one!)


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Alexandra Redmond is an English major at the University of Mississippi. She enjoys the freedom that comes with writing, and the beauty of empowerment amongst educated women.