Meet Freshman Her Campus Contributor Ella Mcilvain!

Meet Ella Mcilvain, one of our chapter's very first contributors for of Her Campus Ole Miss! Ella is from Milton, GA, and is currently a freshman majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). We did a quick interview with her over the winter break in which she told us a little bit about herself, about life at Ole Miss, and what she loves about Oxford! 


HC: Let's start out with some easy question! Do you have any fun nicknames? 

EM: Yes! El and Ella Jane. 


HC: What is your birthday?

EM: October 7, 1998.


HC: What would your spirit animal be?

EM: A dolphin.


HC: Who is your role model?

EM: My Mom.


HC: Are you affiliated with a Greek Organization? 

EM: Yes! Delta Gamma is my sorority. 



HC: Are you a part of any other campus organizations besides Her Campus and DG?

EM: Yes! The Student Marketing Association and Cru. 


HC: What is your go to dance move?

EM: The "Mom Bop."


HC: What about your biggest pep peeve? 

EM: Constant complaining.


HC: Do you have a favorite spot at Ole Miss?

EM: It's the window seat in the library looking over the fountain courtyard, really anywhere with great light.


HC: Do you have a favorite Oxfordian food?

EM: South Depot! The plain chicken taco and queso. 


HC: Where can you be found on a typical Friday night?

EM: Most times by Friday night I’m either ready for a yummy dinner and a comfy girls night in or to hit the town and dance it up. 


HC: What is your favorite memory at Ole Miss so far?

EM: I really love my ladies’ nights with my pals so I’d say anytime where its girls’ night in or out with my roomie or sorority sisters.  Another favorite memory was the back to back weekend road trip with my roommate Claire to the Alabama and Auburn games, such a fun couple weekends seeing the other schools and rooting on our Rebs. 


HC: What about your most embarrassing?

EM: At one of the first swaps me and my friend Avery skipped the pre-game and were just going to head to the swap and we arrived and there were literally no one there except the bar owners and they were asking us where everyone was and why we were there and it felt like a total freshman move there we were all dressed up as twins for the swap and not a sole there…awkward.  A while later people finally showed up for only the last thirty minutes of the swap.


HC: Do you have any advice for someone coming to Ole Miss in the future? 

EM: Don’t be concerned with the college and Ole Miss preconceptions that you may hear or people may comment on regarding partying, Greek life, or academics come in open minded and true to yourself.  It’s what you make of it and you will find your stride and what makes you happy. 

(All photos courtesy of Ella)