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By Raley Shirey

Are you a broke, starving, college student tired of McDonald’s dollar menu? Worry no more! This restaurant in Oxford not only has a great atmosphere but great prices for the portions!

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The Southern Coop in Oxford, Mississippi will leave your mouth watering for more! Southern Coop is a fried chicken based restaurant that is known locally for its wings and tenders. The crispy yet tender strips were delectable. They have 30 wing sauces to choose from, ranging from mild to hot with some odd flavors in between such as Cajun Alfredo to Taco. Coming from Montana, we don’t have many good fried chicken joints around, just a mean bison burger. Having roots from the south, I know good fried chicken when I have some!

I was actually in Alaska of all places when I met this man in an outdoor store who saw my Ole Miss gear and stuck up a conversation. As it turns out, he was born and raised in Oxford and had recently just moved to Alaska. He told us about The Coop and how we just had to try it. Not knowing much about Oxford, my mind went straight to some gas station restaurant, and I didn’t think much about it until we got to Oxford. Turns out it was not in a gas station, but a super cute modern restaurant. Everyone was so friendly and I wasn’t expecting much for it being so inexpensive. It was clean but wasn’t an extravagant place. The Coop was very laid back and relaxed. They also have several TV’s and a high top bar so you don’t miss a big play from your favorite team. Everything was wonderful, and the people were even better! So if you want to eat good food without the hefty price tag that is normally attached, then swing by The Coop for the best wings in Oxford, and after stop in to Snow Biz for the best chocolate shake for dessert! 


For more information, visit https://southerncoopwings.com/ 


Raley Shirey

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