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Fruity Drinks
Fruity Drinks
Breanna Coon / Her Campus
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ole Miss chapter.


This is for all my people that never know what cocktail to order at the bar. 

For those who want sweet but not too sweet.

For those who want a drink and stay tipsy rather than blackout. 

I feel you. 

So, here it is. 

The holy grail of cocktail drinks: 


Sangria Slush

This drink is sweet but not like artificial sugar sweet. In this slurpy delight, you can ask for any type of berry– strawberry, blueberries, blackberries, etc…  It’s Sangria! This drink is one of the most ‘healthiest’ due to it being filled with antioxidants. They take all of their berries and blend them together with your choice of vodka, gin, tequila, or all three if you request it. 



This drink is everywhere. You can order a “mojito”, “cucumber mojito”, “raspberry mojito”, etc… There are SO many options. But in all of them, you’ll have the antioxidants (berries) and rum! You can order it on the rocks or frozen. Some places can go heavy on the rum so be sure to clarify how strong you want your mojito. 



This drink this good ANY TIME of the day! Champagne + fresh orange juice= personally, my favorite cocktail. This drink can taste just like OJ if you wanted it to. And if you’re not a fan of OJ, there are a variety of other types of mimosas like grapefruit. 



Now, this is a fun one. Just one of these, and you’ll be set for the next 3hrs.  This drink can be sour and sweet, just sweet, just sour, or bitter. The classic is just lime/lemon juice, tequila, and simple syrup! This drink can also come in pomegranate, green apple, mango orange, strawberry, melon, and rhubarb. Always topped with a salted rim!!


Lemon Drop

Finally, we have the lemon drop. This drink is your safest bet. It’s sweet with its sugared rim and zesty with its fresh lemon. This is the first drink I order at bars before any other beverages. If the lemon drop is unimpressive, then everything else will most likely be mundane as well. It’s obvious when someone replaces the sugar water with lemonade… 

“Bartender, I ordered a lemon drop. Not a vodka lemonade.” 

This drink is amazing!


So, that’s the tea…or should I say cocktail. I hope this gives you an idea of what to order from the bar!  You know, Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly! You should study up on cocktails before date night to impress your significant other with your choice of drinks! And if you’re single this Valentines, honey, now you can poor up the right way!! You and your bestie can go try out some new drinks and have a great night!

If you want to stay at home this Valentines’, here are the websites for bartending your own concoctions: http://www.themost10.com/10-most-popular-cocktail-drinks/ and https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/16-drinks-get-nice-tipsy-spring-break


to be continued...
Morgan is a senior at the University of Mississippi. She is a Business Marketing major with an emphasis in Digital Marketing. Morgan is a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Ole Miss and was previously the Marketing Director. She is also a Campus Trendsetter for Her Campus. Morgan is also the Treasurer of the Student Marketing Association at the University.