#BecauseICan Survive Finals: Share a Diet Coke to Revive Dead Week

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

On this dreary week of finals preparation, our Her Campus chapter here at Ole Miss decided to lighten it up and make the day of some of the students and faculty on campus by sharing a Diet Coke! It was a great experience, and it was delightful to see all the smiles when they were offered a Diet Coke. Some were unsure whether they would like the flavors, but when told from our own personal experience that the new flavors were good, they happily picked a flavor suggested to them.


Share a Diet Coke with an Orientation Leader

When arriving on campus, we ran into an Ole Miss Orientation Leader who was thrilled to try all the new flavors!


Share a Diet Coke with Welcome Center Staff

After, we started our walk toward campus, the Welcome center kiosk ahead of us. The man in the booth was so excited to try the flavors that he took two (which we encouraged!) He thanked us for quenching his thirst and wished us luck on our finals!


Share a Diet Coke with Ole Miss Faculty

Next, we walked in the Circle, the beautiful Lyceum in our sights. We couldn’t help but catch some faculty on their way back to work.


Share a Diet Coke with the Grove Studyers

From the Circle, we headed to the iconic Grove of Ole Miss and found a group of students studying for finals. They were excited to be given a drink since it was a hot day outside!

Share a Diet Coke with an Ole Miss Cheerleader

We began walking towards Martindale, the building for Student Services, and ran into an Ole Miss cheerleader on her way to class! She was excited to try Strawberry Guava!


Share a Diet Coke with an Admissions Counselor

We went into Admissions and two of our admissions counselors were thrilled to try the flavors they had always wanted to try. Even the busiest of admissions have time for a Diet Coke!


Share a Diet Coke with Ole Miss Ambassadors

There were a few Ole Miss Ambassadors in the office while we were in there and they happily obliged when we asked if they wanted a try of the new Diet Cokes! They all linked arms like the team that they are and tried their cokes together. “It’s actually really good!” One said, taken by surprise at how much she liked it.


Share a Diet Coke with a Pre-Health Advisor

From Admissions, we headed upstairs to the Health Professions Advising Office and shared Diet Cokes with the amazing advisors!


Share a Diet Coke with a Library Worker

Later that evening, we went to the library and handed out Diet Cokes to everyone studying in the library. The library was full and the library workers were working long hours. They needed the extra caffeine!


Share a Diet Coke with Library Studyers

They were very grateful for the extra caffeine and very pleased they could try the new flavors. One student said, “You know, if y’all wouldn’t have come through with the free Diet Coke, I would have never tried these flavors. I like it a lot more than I thought I would, so thank you for this!” It was very successful and we got smiles and thank-yous from everyone!