7 Songs by FLETCHER You Need to Listen to if You Like "Undrunk"


When I heard FLETCHER was releasing a new song, I nearly lost my mind. I absolutely adore her as an artist and always feel emotionally connected to her songs. To my surprise, the first time I heard the new song, it was playing on my local radio station. As it turns out, FLETCHER’s “Undrunk” is #85 on the Billboard Top 100! This is extremely exciting for her, as an artist, and for me, the adoring fan. So I thought, has anyone heard of her other songs? Her previous songs are gems as well, diamonds in the rough. Give them a listen!

“Wasted Youth”

“Wasted Youth” is a song about living your life and not caring what other people think about who you spend it with. FLETCHER reveals in an interview with Billboard that this song is about coming to terms with her sexuality. She told Billboard, “I definitely identify within the LGBTQ community, but as far as putting a label on like gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, queer... it's all in the family and spectrum, and sexuality and gender is not black and white. It's a spectrum that we all fall somewhere in the world on. That's how I feel comfortable expressing myself -- loving who I feel like loving and who I'm attracted to.” It’s a beautiful song that just encourages you to do what you want and to love who you want!

“War Paint”

“War Paint” is one of my favorites by FLETCHER. It has a great beat and a fun sound to it. It’s a fantastic song about fighting for what you believe in and overcoming the obstacles in your life. It’s inspiring, fun, and you should be listening!


This song is the one that is responsible for my getting hooked on FLETCHER. She sings to “princesses” that are going through hard times, whether struggling with their sexuality, self-image, or family issues. She encourages them to keep their heads up and not let the crown fall. This song is (and I know I keep saying this) inspiring and encouraging, and the emotional depth of this song is what got me hooked.


This song is my all time favorite song. It’s my favorite because I relate to it so much. FLETCHER sings of someone who is afraid of putting him/herself out there and, inevitably, falling in love. She explains that she will show him/her what love is and “watch you fall like an avalanche,” as she sings in the song. Fall in love, that is. The lyrics and the language that she uses are poetic and beautiful and I definitely did fall in love...with this song!

“I Believe You”

This song never ceases to make me sad. “I Believe You” is a song of encouragement to anybody who has ever been sexually assaulted or raped. Her voice is so hauntingly beautiful and this song is an anthem for anyone that needs it. I have to say that this song, although made me sad, has helped me make it through one of my own personal assault stories. This song really hits me deep in the feels, especially when she says “Do you know every battle that you've had to face, Is making you bulletproof?” It sends a surge of confidence and the will to move on through my body, and suddenly, everything feels alright.

“Live Young, Die Free”

The classic “live while you’re young song,” this song is upbeat, cheery and just what everyone may need to make their day. This song is about doing whatever makes your heart happy and doing things that you’re going to regret not doing later on in life. What’s life if you aren’t living it to the fullest?

“You Should Talk”

Honestly, this song is like my relationship mantra. Communication is key and in this song, FLETCHER explains that her SO should have communicated more. She also explains that he/she tried to blame everything on her but relationships require effort on both sides. It’s honestly the perfect song to send the ex who never put in the effort to make things up to you.


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