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The 5 Stages of Spring Break Anticipation

by Ella Mcilvain 

We all look forward to the fabulous week that is spring break whether we are going somewhere tropical, warm or simply going home.  A week off from the hectic spring semester of college is very welcomed.  It is a process that takes your soul as the coveted week approaches.


  1. You’re spring break plans are set and you’re going tropical with all your besties, yay girls trip! Far out excitement, looking forward but it’s still far away you still have a lot to accomplish before then


  1. You’ve scheduled so far in advance you totally forgot about it and you remember and are giving yourself a pat on the back like yes good work I’m pumped


  1. You’re getting antsy and the busy second semester is taking its toll so to shed some light you get through and plan your week out in more detail with your crew, can you say spreadsheet?


  1. You’re in over your head it’s the week before and you’re freaking out because your 0% prepared and slowly dying to make it through midterm week, Friday is the light at the end of the tunnel, your about to go hit the beach and see the sun real soon you can taste it, gotta make it through the week of school first.


You’re pretty pumped because heck yeah it’s Friday and you got all your academics squared away the best you could and it’s time to throw all your suits and warm clothes in a bag and hit the road to the ocean with all your best gal pals roadtripping with you and the excitement is exploding and spring break has begun!

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