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The Spring Break ’17 Survival Kit As Told By Shameless

There are a few things that collegiettes can not help containing their excitement over.  Among the top are obviously Spring Break, Her Campus Survival Kits, and new seasons of Showtime's Shameless.  The spring 2017 Survival Kit has left us feeling like we can conquer anything that spring break and the remainder of the semester has to throw at us, just like Fiona Gallagher does on a daily basis.  Here's how we feel about each item of the kit in Shameless terms.


ActuallySheCan Success Issue

And that's exactly how ActuallySheCan, a campaign that celebrates ambitious young women, makes us feel - empowered and ready to take control!


Cystex Urinary Pain Relifer Tablets & Coupons

Considering Cystex tablets provide antibacterial protection and pain relief, need we say more?


Erin Condren Deluxe Planner

Erin Condren's LifePlanner, complete with fun stickers and markers, helps us manage family chaos, school chaos, social calendar chaos, and everything else in our busy schedules!


Psssst! Tropical Dry Shampoo Travel Size & Coupons

And just to make sure nothing like that can be said about us this Spring Break, we load up on this handy dry shampoo that fits right in our carry-on and soaks up any oils or product build-up.


L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes & Lotion

Let's be honest - we've all had a self-tanning experience that leaves us looking as splattered as Fiona does here.  With L'Oreal's fool proof self-tanning lotion and towelettes, we never have to worry about that again!


Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Samples

Because Charlotte Tilbury's fabulous and fun lipstick samples will leave you feeling just as giddy as Debbie after that kiss!


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